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    Red boxes

    Huge Red Boxes only give 5 diamonds instead 25 .... i haven't see any announcement about.

    any change on red boxes?

    Any1 have this issue? What is happenning?

    statistic on huge red box show 25 diamond but now only gives 5

    statistic on giant red box show 13 diamond but only give 5

    i remember last update SPC remove diamonds from all chest for so long time ......


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    I noticed the small boxes only give 3 now. Hope this is a mistake they fix.

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    Welcome to hay day,💵 they only tell about tell about the positive things in the update, they donít communicate about the negative things (80 limit last year was the same)

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    Hay day daimonds

    We have got an amoooozing new update coming up!!
    The daimonds in the red treasure boxes will be reduced from 25 (big box) to 5!!! From 13 (middle box) to 3 and from 5 (little box) to 1

    Isnít that amoooozing?

    But donít worry.. you still can get 25 out of the big box, but you have to pay 20 first!!

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    Remove the 80 limit or increase it to at least 300!!

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    amoozing to see how because of greed a good game is will soon be pay to win

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    It’s probably just a visual glitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcel21546 View Post
    We have got an amoooozing new update coming up!!

    Wow is my reaction as well if Team Hay Day were to rush out the Winter update so soon after the recent Fall update. I'm speculating Team Hay Day will wait and review the game's internal data during and after the upcoming First Season of Farm Pass and make corrections if necessary.

    Then they will focus their attention on the Winter update which I speculate will be published in February 2021.

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    Yes indeed and worse than that is that i send help requests to support. Their response was to try to continue open red boxes with a smiley emoji.

    why does the SPC support lies to players?

    just need look at the statistics of the huge red box that does not have an option of 5 diamonds there, only that of 25 diamonds.

    already on last update SPC removed all diamonds from red boxes and refuse to clarify to all us.

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    In the city, in the chest, I received 5 diamonds instead of 8.

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    Are you guys referring to free or paid boxes? Paid boxes should still give you the same amount as they always have, but the free ones are re-balanced. For example, the small free one was not giving any diamonds at one point, now it is again enabled.


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