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Thread: Finished the Mortar Mauler achievement.

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    Finished the Mortar Mauler achievement.

    Finally! After years of playing the game and destroying Mortars, I finally finished its achievement. Free 20 gems for me and closer to a 100% game completion. 13 achievements remaining.

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    Well done👏👏. I am left with a few achievements myself, and I'm nowhere near 100% game completion in terms of my villages.

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    Scater will be done in few months and ill have a complete set unless new achievements arrive

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    I am 9 (!) scattershots away from completing Scattered and Shattered. With 5 attacks left, and me using zap witches, thatíll be done today.

    Then, finally, after all these years, I will have completed all achievements.

    I low key really hope they do not add more in the upcoming update, especially if it is one where you canít complete it fast.

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