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    Question Farm Pass Trial Season Feedback!

    How did you enjoy the Farm Pass trial season? We would love to read your constructive feedback!

    Anything we could we improve / add / remove / change? Let us know!


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    Make it a little longer, perhaps? I finished it pretty quickly without much effort

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    All in all, nice. Perhaps perks for more helps on trucks, boats, town could be replaced with boosters (from a point of view of players who don't ask for help at all or often, these perks are not useful). I suppose that more goals and awards will be added when the full version is rolled out.

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    I'd like to see some an exclusive decoration as a prize (other than the hats, not a big fan of those). Or more rewards that last beyond each season pass like permits, blueprints, or boosters.

    Another improvement would be to have 2-3 perks to choose at each reward threshold instead of just the 1 perk that you can take or leave.

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    I’m quite pleased with it. I like the permits and the extra spin perks. I especially like the added queue spots. It seems like the game pass will add a fun layer to game. The daily tasks seemed reasonable and fun. I don’t like the “activate booster” task though. Overall it feels like what the Valley was trying to achieve but didn’t hit the mark. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy the game a bit more without too much pressure.

    I think that the free path should have the same number of rewards as the paid path and have a few “premium” rewards on it as well. It’s okay for the paid path to have better rewards, but not too much. Right now the difference is so big it will feed the perception that this is a diamond grab and turning the game into pay-to-win.

    I don’t care about the hats, but I think it is a good idea because I know that will appeal to a lot of people. It’s very good that one day someone could have a different hat on each animal. Again, not my thing, but I still think it is a great idea. But the “accessories” button is in the wrong place. It needs to be on a second-page like the “send townies away” button in the town. Or move it over to edit mode somehow. It is too easy to interfere with normal farming tasks. (And while you are there can PLEASE fix the runaway pets problem?)

    Move the placement of the pass icon on the truck board; the trash and truck buttons are way to small and close together now.

    I agree with the others who said the “extra helps” and the extra donations perks are not useful. On one hand, I’m okay with that; everyone has different play styles so it’s okay that not everything is useful. But you could make it even better by taking what others have suggested here and giving us options 2-3 options of what to take for each reward. That way we can take what is most useful to us. I’d take a Rose or Ernest booster of extra helps ever time. Exclusive decos would be great perks as well; especially if we get to choose between 2 or 3 of them.

    And we have enough sanctuary animals. They are fine and fun, but they aren’t exciting anymore. I’d LOVE to have a new building or 2 in the town!

    Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m in the camp of “don’t give us grand new features, just enhance regular game play” usually, but I think I’m really going to like this.

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    We have 4 players in our neighborhood. 2 of were able to collect the diamonds, 2 were not able to collect them.
    I was working with support and getting suggestions then ”Sparky" took over the ticket and ended, basically saying to bad.
    So why would I ever consider paying to play a game when features don’t work and support ignores me?

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    If we are getting booster as suggested, they could be something new that we can't get or purchase, e.g 50% quicker on all farm animal, dairies and sauce maker machines. A booster that can have boosting effect on multiple machines or tasks is great.

    Exclusive seasonal (Spring, simmer, autumn and winter) decorations would be great.

    i really like the additional two slots for the dairies. I hope sauce maker could be one of the choices too.

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    I’ll start by saying...I play clash too. So I assume it will be similar to the season pass there once Everything is said and done. Love the short mini season as it will allow some of the bugs to be worked out. I think another short one would be a good idea as there were quite a few bugs in that one. The hat removing issue and the not being able to collect diamonds issue are just the two I can think of off the top of my head.

    I dont really find extra boat, town, or truck helps useful but I could see how others might and I like the creativity that was involved in coming up with new things we can win besides just the normal boosters and deco (don’t get me wrong, I love boosters and deco too). Loved the extra queue spaces. Liked the hats idea but would love to see something besides hats as well. After 2-3 months of hats I can see where people would be less inclined to purchase the season pass for the end hat prize, so maybe something else that offers more variety. Being able to regenerate an expired task is invaluable in a pinch loved loved loved that addition, hope I never need to use it.

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    I love the baby chicks outside the chicken coop! They are so cute, hopping around and then plop!...they plop down on the grass.

    Like others who pointed it out, I am no fan of the extra Help as I almost never ask for help. If you are putting all those help perks on the paid path I would definitely not pay for it. I don't need the extra slots on my machines although I can see some people might like it.

    Now that the season is over, I can't go and remind myself what the perks were, but I do remember some of the ones that I liked:

    My number one attraction is for the extra spin on the Valley fuel spin.
    Extra spin on the Wheel of Fortune is nice.
    Diamond gifting was fun when it finally worked and glad the diamonds were not from my own stash.

    Improvement suggestions:
    Extra slot on machines....I wish there was some way to remind myself which machines I had chosen! I know I can tell when I am at the machine, but there are a lot of machines on my farm!

    Extra spin on Valley fuel would be useless when there is no Valley, perhaps you can replace with a few hours of free Rose, Ernest or Tom.

    Extra slots for the animal feed would be really attractive to me!

    Perhaps you can give as a perk, a faster turn around time for the Eggspress Train for those who are waiting for desired visitors for the Specific Town Visitor derby tasks.

    Heavier fish booster would also be nice.

    I am not sure how the extra slot on the booster storage works. My storage was full and there were three in the overflow. After I deleted all three, then I saw a little chick in that overflow bin. Why wasn't one of my overflow sent to my storage while as the perk?

    All in all, this Farm Pass was a fun experience. Probably it was fun because the "paid" path was free also in this free trial! If I don't pay for the special path, maybe there won't be much I am interested in.

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    The hats are nice but I don't know if they are a big enough draw for people (or maybe just me) to spend money on. Some additional ideas that might open my wallet are:
    - Maggie customization options for house, truck, and RSS. These could be new and exclusive not contained in the book and could be collectable over 3 months.
    - Exclusive decorations or re-introduce previously released decorations for some of the newer player base. I know several players that would not hesitate if the camping tent was on the pay line. Probably would also collect the HayDay letters as well.
    - As a long time Clasher I really like the instant upgrade provided by books and hammers. Consider adding an instant upgrade mechanism for town buildings, barn, silo, and tackle box.

    Additional feedback:
    - the chick animation was cute the first time but would be annoying having to wait every time (more annoying than waiting for the picture of the Huchen to clear so I can drop my next lure). Consider a way to skip the chick walking the path and releasing his friends.
    - Additional machine slots was a great feature and being able to select the machine was also very cool because not everyone has the same priorities
    - I agree with other feedback that there is not much utility in the extra "ask for help" and "NH request" perks
    - The double active booster was nice to accommodate the rose and ernest pair. i never use one without the other.

    Overall, nice job. Now just work the bugs out so I can take the birthday hats off my goats

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