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    Quote Originally Posted by porg69 View Post
    lol not worth my time or money. I had a feeling they were going to charge for this feature. /ignore
    There are two sides to the Pass, with a paid element and a free one.

    As I say many times, one of the great strengths of Hay Day is that players can choose exactly how they play. If you prefer to ignore it, that's your choice, but you'll miss the free path items.

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    I'm curious whether the booster from those two roads are considered as "purchased" ones or not. I can skip xp but I do like collecting boosters . Those are worth 500 diamonds each for me , I feel rich that way.
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    In other news, I see Hay Day redesigned their help pages. Here's the information about the Farm Pass.
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    Season 1 is now live:

    Quote Originally Posted by Marius674 View Post
    Fully serve one town visitor in daily goals not work here
    The text is a bit confusing, you need to serve a new visitor. Doesn't apply to visitors who are already served.

    Keep the feedback coming, but I'll close this thread as it is about the trial pass. Use this thread for more feedback:


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