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Thread: No verification code email after 4 days

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    No verification code email after 4 days

    I have requested verification code email and after 4 days I still havenít received email. I checked spam and reset cache. I was in hayday in the morning but in the afternoon I was unable to get back in, same for Clash of Clans. But I am able to get into Boom Beach without issue. And I only play these on 1 device. Pease advise.

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    Apple software is up to date and deleted and reloaded the app but still no verification code email. PLEASE ADVISE.

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    Since I was still not getting the verification code emails, I clicked the register button and entered my existing email address and it then sent me a verification code email but when I enter code it doesn’t load my existing game, it’s staring me over as new player. Same thing with Clash of Clans. How do I get my existing games levels back?! This makes zero sense!! I was in both games in the morning on Sunday and the same afternoon I couldn’t get back in. And still no problem with Boom Beach. PLEASE ADVISE!

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    Make sure you have saved your village with scid (maybe try the old login method). If you still struggle then contact the ingame support.

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