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Thread: What has been your favorite hero skins?

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    What has been your favorite hero skins?

    I would like to see the most popular picks on the forums.

    Archer Queen: Ice Queen
    Barbarian King: Champion King
    Grand Warden: Clockwork
    Royal Champion: 😂

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    The Land
    Champion King
    Warrior Queen
    Clockwork Warden
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    Jan 2016
    Champion King (was Pekka King)
    Warrior Queen

    I am not a fan of any of the Warden skins so far.

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    I’m a fan of the primal series but I have to admit with the completion of all 3 hero’s skins, the pirates are fast becoming a favourite. Nothing can replace Xmas BK’s HOHoHo though
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    I still laugh when I see the Skelton King’s arm fall off from the weight of his sword. My favorite of all.

    As for the Queen and Warden I am a fan of the Primal versions.
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    Autumn queen
    Champion king
    Gladiator warden
    Don't have warrior queen so excluded that one

    Sets pirate then clockwork.
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    Skeleton king, Warrior queen, pirate warden.
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    Pirate king ,pirate Queen and clockwork warden

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    Favourite :-
    Champion King 🔥
    Warrior Queen 💯
    Gladiator warden ☁️ (air mode)
    Royal Champion 🤣
    Pirate scenery 🤩

    I have :-
    Gladiator King
    Gladiator Queen
    Party Warden
    Royal Champion
    Classic Scenery
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    Favourites: Champion king, Warrior Queen & Party Warden

    What I have: the classic ones
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