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    came here to report the same

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    Rip the trojan one-man war that I had planned. Hoping that it gets fixed soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaMe ChAnGeR1 View Post
    Rip the trojan one-man war that I had planned. Hoping that it gets fixed soon.
    ♥♥♥♥, i need to switch accounts and do my lower attacks and cant

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    Issue is not fixed...also struggling to change between accounts

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    Supercell ID loading problem

    I have been experiencing failed to load for my account using supercell id for the past two hours. When I switch account , usually is instantaneous and now it looks like stuck on loading all my account , and then prompted an error “oops , something went wrong...” . Does anyone also having this issue ?

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    SC ID switching problems

    When switching between accounts I get an error message. I can still access all accounts but there seems to be an issue.

    Edit: see now this was reported already. Admins, feel free to delete this one.
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    The server seems to be getting stuck while loading the icons for each account. Once the (timeout?) error occurs, each account is loaded very quickly...
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    Still having the same problem.

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