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    Quote Originally Posted by drekdx View Post
    A lot of question arises in my mind after reading this. Firstly, how do you know that the people with champion skin will only buy it?

    And why are you complying it with Brawl Stars?

    I haven't understood what reoffering Warrior queen has to do with the "supporting championships".

    And how do you know that it would have a positive impact on the game?

    Warrior queen skin was exclusive in the sense that it was one time offer. If they reoffer that, it would negate its exclusivity, wouldn't you say?
    only true gemmers or people who loves skins a lot will buy a skin for 10$ so those who buy champion king skin when given warrior queen at a bit discount will surely buy it, just common sense

    i didn't say reoffering warrior queen will support championships but just said it will appreciate those who supported championships by buying champion king [ because all revenue from that skin went to the prize pool] and as they all will buy the skin if offered it will surely support the community, right?, it is what i mean, and it should impact the game positively,

    but what you said is also right i forgot that warrior queen was 1 time offer and not to be reoffered again
    i rather compared to brawl stars and my thought process went a different way

    anyway if at all, at some point, if it is reoffered i am sure the result would be what i have said but the chance is 0.2 only and you're right if it is reoffered it could negate its rarity

    also i did not mean that those who got champion king will only buy it but those who did not are less likely to buy it if is reoffered [ just logic, if a player wont spend 10$ for champ king how will he spend 10$ for warrior queen]

    anyways i got the answer to my question that my idea will never ever happen in the near future but i really expected a come back of warrior queen for a last time this Christmas update and for it to not lose its rarity i suggested offering only to those who have champion king
    this dream will always remain as a dream, lol

    and 1 thing i really need to appreciate about here as well as help and support
    i am a newbie here but i am really impressed by the quick and accurate replies you guys give to the posts and thank you everyone for helping me get to the facts and i'm always grateful for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninja778899 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    We don't need to remember ANYTHING about Brawl Stars. It is a completely different game. With different rewards, different mechanisms, different everything.
    ok then i need to know 1 thing
    Everything you need to know is in the above.

    Brawl Stars is completely irrelevant

    And Clash doesn't have the concept of "exclusive rare or epic", so no answer can be given to that.

    The Gold Pass skins are not available for at least a year after being in the pass, but the main difference between a gold pass player and a F2P player is the various items which allow them to progress faster.

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