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Thread: Newspaper experiencing delay in refreshing

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    Newspaper experiencing delay in refreshing

    I would like to report that after this last update (where farm pass was introduced), I have been experiencing quite significant delay in the newspaper refreshing. When I open the newspaper, everything is almost already sold, or if I open some person's stall, items appear to be unsold but when I tap on it, they display - already sold.

    This also comes with occasional blank newspaper where pages are white blank with no stalls or ads.

    This has become frustrating now because of this delay in newspaper refreshing, I have missed so many products to buy and it offers disadvantage to me.

    I tried installing the game again as well, but no difference in my experience now.

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    I’m currently having the same thing with the news paper! Was really glad that all the peanuts disappeared though .. there are so many other good things the news paper has to offer now after the update (?), but everything is already gone or sold out!

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