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Thread: Update Doesn't Work in China

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    Question Update Doesn't Work in China

    So this appears to have been long time coming as the APP appears to have been pulled in China way back in July. Not sure if or how the game has been updated since. However the new and large update won't update without a trip to the Apple store. That means I am a bit S.O.L. right now.

    I have no way of contacting the other members in my neighbourhood so not sure what they will think if I suddenly disappear.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to force an update?

    I am running Hay Day on an iPad Air 2, language mode is English but it was purchased in the PRC so the Apple Store would be local too.

    For a company that's got heavy Chinese investment, I am amused and surprised that Supercell wasn't able to get a license for the game. Tencent is the largest gaming company in the world so I figured if anyone could push it past the powers that be here it's them.

    Any advice would be appreciated. ^_^

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    Oh ho, I would be very upset if Hayday can't be updated. Have you sent a message to the help support team? I'm on ipad Air 2 as well and it's working fine with the updates so it should not be the tablet issue.

    I have heard that China has lots of rich players. Supercell is going to lose big money if the software can't be updated in China.

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    I faced the same issue, when it required us to update. And under new phone Huawei, I couldn't even found the update button.

    I tried to write email to Hayday team, but it didn't work out. Had tried many ways, and yet, no much helping.

    Need helps here. Cry cry

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    Sadly for players living in China, Apple removed many games including Hay Day from the App Store at the request of the Chinese government in July 2020.
    The Cell Structure: How Supercell Turned the Traditional Org-Chart Upside Down

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    Thanks for the link Lynn. This is not good for a Hay day addict like me. Does it mean if I travel to China in the future, I wonít be able to play Hayday at all? I will have to opt out from the derby if thatís the case 😢

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