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Thread: MUTE CHAT for Clan Chat

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    MUTE CHAT for Clan Chat

    Hello Developers,

    We have one player here who is very annoying and keeps chatting nonstop. Can we have a MUTE CHAT option on the chat system in the clan? We cannot kick the person out because he's one of the leaders but he likes to call out people in the chat even if it's not important. To help build a better game environment, we would like to suggest the MUTE CHAT feature. I hope this can be considered.


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    If you mute one of the leaders what happens when he says something important....
    talk the the clan leader... maybe he needs a demotion to encourage him to stop being so annoying.
    If the leader is ok with it, then you need to decide if you are... and maybe clash elsewhere.
    I would not be in favour of a mute button.

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