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I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. I have several accounts that were each started with a different email address, but are all linked to one SCID "instance" - this allows me to switch accounts easily. As I understand it, you can link up to 50 accounts in such a way. If you have more, you either need to keep them detached from SCID, or use another SCID "instance". (Using instance for lack of a better word off the top of my head)

Do you mean that in a technical sense, each account has a separate SCID? This might be the case under the covers, I'm not sure. But to the user, it is presented as a single login manager that brings you to multiple bases (up to 50). This login manager is what I view as a single SCID, managing these accounts. This also seems to be how we usually discuss the mechanics, so looking at it as separate SCIDs is a bit confusing to me.
One SCID instance is one account. Each email linked to SCID is a separate instance.

SCID on one device can remember up to 50 instances and switch between those 50 at will.