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Thread: Chat area within the game.

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    Chat area within the game.

    I know there is a chat area within your neighborhood. But what about a general chat for everyone. So, for example, if you wanted to chat with someone in another town, other than yours.

    I play another game Throne: Kingdom at War and it has an order chat (same as the town you are in, on HayDay, your farm “order/community”) and there is a separate chat where anyone from any order can chat. It also allows for multiple languages.

    If the chat could support that, it would be great even for those who don’t speak English as their primary language. Thanks!

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    Unfortunately I doubt this would be added since features like these (aka global chats) seem to have been removed from all Supercell games, if they were ever there to begin with

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    From what i turned out to be a major headache. All kinds of harassment, spam, etc. That's why they got rid of it.
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