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    New Can war system (or just a clan war event) (or a builder hall clan war)

    (Before I begin I want to mention 1. That this sytem could be applied just at the builder hall if not at the original village too
    2.I know that many people will consider my idea ruled out but still we can discuss it)

    We all love clan war system. It is fair, nice and we are used to it. I dont write this post because I dont like the clan war system (CWS) but I think I have an intresting idea that we could test at an event or builder base.

    The idea includes creating something like clan base (plz dont kill me keep reading)I know that clan-base ideas are ruled out, but I believe that this version of the idea is the most simple version("simpel" refers at creating)we could make a base using the buildings and walls that players already have. Nothing new have to be created. The base design system will still be the same, just more players will have access to the same base (moving only the buildings they own). Everyone will put the buildings he/she has (exept the town hall) and to avoid many players making changes at the same time and all the time, players will have access only at preperaion day for "x" minutes and only once, nothing can be undone if you exit(and players will "enter" the design room alone, we dont want people moving things at the same time). The town hall will be at the center by defult (or randomly placed....).

    Now if you havent already posted a reply to tell me that my idea is ruled out, read about the war day and write that reply later (I really want to discuss if my idea is still ruled out which propably is but anyway.)

    WAR DAY;

    As you might have guessed at war day people will use their army to attack the enemy war base.
    If for example I attack and destroy some buildings those buildings will still be destroyed when the other players attack. Each player will destroy a part of the base and at the end the Verus-Battle rules from the builder hall will apply.

    After writing all this I realized that it might be too much work since we already have a CWS but I repeat this can be an event or a builder hall war. Btw is BH clan war ruled out ? I dont remember. Anyway I believe that this idea is not ruled out for two reasons 1. It wont be something constant, the base will disappear by the end of the war
    2. It is easier to make than creating any other clan base.

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    If I follow, this boils down to one massive base of all the clan members in the war, against another massive base of all the clan members of the opposition. I don't like it for many reasons, but the primary one is how different it is from the current game. Its not an improvement, rather a creation of something entirely different that really doesn't build on the current state of the game. I think it also significantly hinders lower TH levels from being able to make a meaningful attack to help the clan

    And yes, BB wars are in the sticky threads already

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    This is not ruled out, but it is in the frequently requested ideas thread, so no further discussion necessary.

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