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    Farm Pass still doesn't work on 2017 Fire Tablets (same issue for all my friends that have the same tablet). The game works fine, but every time you try to click on anything Farm Pass related, the game freezes, then kicks you out completely. My game worked perfectly before Farm Pass. My tablet is up-to-date.

    PLEASE Supercell fix this issue, please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrsp View Post
    Re-farm pass
    A member of my hood has been told by supercell to enable in app purchases, after doing so everything is working fine for that part of the game.
    Thanks MSRP, i tried it and it worked and i got the prizes finally

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    I had issues with collecting the neighbourhood gifts.. So I lost all of the diamonds and the gift, which wasnít fun..

    When I pressed collect, it just wrote.:

    Confirming, just wait for it.

    Sadly Iím still waiting.. And now they are lost..

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