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Thread: Too Many Bunny Derbies?

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    Too Many Bunny Derbies?

    Could someone from SuperCell explain why we have so many Bunny Derbies please? We have Mystery, Blossom, and Bingo Derbies maybe once every 2 or 3 months, but Bunny Derbies have now become the norm.

    As a Hood Leader the problem that I have with so many Bunny Derbies is that they pull the hood in different directions and cause friction. Some hoodies want Bunny rewards, others want a fast finish and a gold trophy. Both are valid arguments and it is difficult to please everyone. There is also the problem that people in certain time zones (e.g. Australia) find it difficult to contribute to catching the bunnies and feel the need to get ahead.

    If the purpose of the Bunny Derbies is to try and slow the Derby down and extend it over a longer period I would suggest the solution is to make Bunny time tasks worth more points. That way those who play solely for the gold trophies will have to wait for Bunny times and hoods will be working as teams again.

    We are a fast and competitive hood who will wait for bunnies but we won't wait any longer than we have to.

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    Some variety in derby types would be nice. Not complaining about the bunnies though, I like the extra expansion permits for catching bunnies.

    I agree that there should be a small point bonus for bunnies so you don't have to decide between catching all the bunnies and placing top 3. My suggestion would be to just get 5-10 points per bunny caught, then hoods will have to catch bunnies to get top 3.

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    OP, you posted a few times in the past about this same topic. I think it would be more beneficial for you to continue the same topic in those thread rather than keep creating new one. Those who replied in others thread might feel you ignored them and not inclined to answer any more post from you.

    I read your post and I find it hard to understand your purpose:
    - are you suggesting a feature/ an improvement to existing feature?
    - are you asking for hood management tip/idea from others players?
    - are you asking Supercell, and supercell only, why there are frequent Bunny derbies?

    So, again, what do you expect as replies from others here?
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