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Thread: Farm Visitors Request Peanuts!

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    Nice. The girl in a red dress is just now asking 133 peanuts for her Grandma (34633 coins). Sold!

    I could make a room for few thousand peanuts for tomorrow. Or I don't really need any money. But I want to be a part of the solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipfarm View Post
    I was so shocked, I hit the wrong response..."No, Sorry"

    They offered 19,530 coins for 75 peanuts. That's just over 260 coins per peanut. Selling in your stand is 360 per peanut, so the standard reduction for visitors.
    At the time the visitor requested them, peanuts were 7th in my inventory quantity.

    I did the same
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    I got my days mixed up, visitor coin event is tomorrow! Now sitting on too many peanuts��
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    Oh my gosh. Enough with the peanuts! Letís focus on getting the shops back to a normal low peanut shopping experience! UGH! Itís a peanut plague!
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    There are no peanut in DD for me at all, I want some peanuts back lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSmith69 View Post
    So the real I buy up lots of peanuts in hopes of striking it rich tomorrow?
    I'd be tempted ... except that would mean I'd have to send the two visitors I've kept hostage on my front porch for close to 7 years away, so I guess I'll have to refrain from it.

    ... Wait a moment.
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    Wow, thank you SC! This is good news.

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