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Thread: Amount of diamond from mystery box

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    Amount of diamond from mystery box

    Hi.. I just had mystery box on my farm that give diamond. The small one now only give me 1 diamonds, and the medium one give me 3 diamonds. Anyone experienced the same?
    Does SC decrease the amount of diamonds from mystery box or it just a bug?

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    It didn’t mention anything like that changing in the update, so my guess would be that it is just a one time bug. I wouldn’t be completely sure about that though. They seem to be having trouble across the board today on almost everything. Please give it some time and patience.

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    I just got 5 diamonds from a small mystery box.
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    I just got 5 diamonds from the huge chest

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    If that's a new pattern, then the sea chest will go down from 8 to 5. They have in the past, and without notice, lowered the rate at which the game gives free diamonds, so it is possible this is another rate drop. Hopefully, it's just another bug in the update bug bundle.

    EDIT: I just received 3 from a medium chest instead of usual 5. However, Janilee said she got 5 from a small chest, which usually gives 3. So what's up? Guess give a few days for the update bug bundle to be ironed out and see what pattern the chests settle on.
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