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    Turning off town / town derby tasks

    Not that long ago I asked support if I was able to turn off the town tasks as a derby (I dont really like the content in the town, just not feeling it so I keep it level 1). Too bad itís not possible to delete the whole town and not get any tasks for it yet..

    But! As feedback I got back that the idea of turning off derby tasks for town is a good idea and it might help if I post it on the forums.


    Make a button in the settings to turn off your tasks for town, or maybe the town on its own.
    Just like the option to turn off being in the derby as well.


    Happy playtime

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    I'm afraid that, as with Clash, Support have no real clue about whether something is a good idea or not.

    They are not there to evaluate ideas, and don't necessarily know much about game play. They just send people to the forums whenever ideas are presented to them (they also don't know about ruled out ideas, though this isn't in that list).

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    That would be a wasted feature, IMHO

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