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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    We are still investigating the crashes (or they are not in fact crashes, but looks like one).



    Thank you, Nicke and everyone on Team HayDay! I can log into the game, now! I’m thrilled, thank you so very much!

    It’s mostly working well - the Farm Pass was a little difficult to log into. I had to play on the farm for a bit. The Chicken House didn’t open, no matter how I tapped on it, until I went to Town, which somehow opened access to the Chicken House. I could come back from Town and tap on the chicken house and start the Farm Pass. Also, I sadly discovered that with a full barn, the collected EMs weren’t credited when I collected them along the Chicken path, nor did they show up in my barn after I hastily, belatedly made room. I guess it works similarly to harvesting crops or waking pets.

    The Farm Pass is fun, worthwhile and adorable! I will be using it. Thank you

    Thank you all, so very much, for solving the problem that kept us from logging into our farms! You are amazing!

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    Hi - also unable to open HayDay on the Kindle Fire tablet, specifically in the Kids' Freetime profile. Was working fine yesterday.

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    Hi. Unfortunately both my wife and I are still unable to get into the game passed the "blackbird" or "newspaper event announcement".

    We're both using Pixel 3a with Android 11.

    I am able to play using BlueStacks, but it will crash on occasion since this update.

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    I have the same Problem since thenlast update. I cannot load my farm on my google Pixel 4. I even had install it again but everytime if i am connecting with my supercell Id, it is only loading till the bird fly an then its going off.

    Please help us.

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    Please see this recent message from Nick:

    Hay Day level 196 (main farm) - I have seven others!

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    I'm sure you're aware, but I jut discovered something that I didn't read (or I missed) on this thread.

    My phone (Pixel 3a with v11 Android) won't get past the blackbird that flies in when starting.... unless I turn Wi-Fi off. If I launch Hay Day with Wi-Fi off, on LTE I can play the game uninterrupted (5 min test). If i turn Wi-Fi on once in, then I will inevitably crash out.

    Hope this helps.

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    Can’t logon since optional update fix. It gets stuck at the connecting stage. Other internet apps work fine except for HD. iPad Air 2, 13.7.

    Edit: Updated iOS to 14.2 still won’t connect. Can’t contact CS since I can’t logon.

    Solved: Somehow the game lost the optional update that was loaded earlier today. When I went to the App Store there was an update waiting there. Once that was loaded for a 2nd time game connected without issue. (So basically, the save file wouldn’t reload until the game had the optional update installed again.)
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