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    Achievement progress is incorrect after updating

    After updating to the Fall 2020 version, 3 of my achievements’ progress bars have been altered. First, immediately after opening the game for the first time after updating, it stated that I completed the Big Appetites III achievement when I know I was far away from finishing it. Not even close to the 1,500 feedings, but the game said I finished it and gave me the reward.

    Second, the progress on the Go nuts! III and Bingo Bonanza III achievements have both been reset! They are the achievements related to collecting peanuts and lines in Bingo Derbies. Please help!

    (All other achievements appear to be correct though, just these three have changed.)

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    Exactly the same has happened to me. It incorrectly gave me Big Appetite achievement and Bingo and Go Nuts have been reset to 0.

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    Exactly the same happend to me!

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    The team is aware of the issues with achievements - maintenance under way.

    Hay Day level 196 (main farm) - I have seven others!

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