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Zap lalo is always best for such bases,zap the cc along with any nearby defenses,take 1ig use it along with heroes(king, queen,rc) and few hh to take down TH,remaining defenses surrounding the TH and any heroes nearby ,then lalo the remaining base with stone slammer.
Yes to this. Zap lavaloon works best for these type of bases where all the heavy dps is on one corner. One thing to start with would be not to activate the townhall with earthquake, you can succeed even if you do but it's easier to practice without activating the th. Typically clear defenses on one side of townhall and the cc with zap+quakes, clear townhall with king, queen, ice golem, head hunters and clear defenses on the other side of townhall with rc and freeze wherever needed. If there's a multi inferno in centre save one freeze for it, 1~2 freeze and couple of hastes would be enough for rest of the attack.