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    Depends on the account,

    On ones I'm playing frequently, walls and traps tend to come last.

    On ones I play sporadically, walls still usually come last, but I upgrade whatever I can afford to keep my builders busy which means bigger defenses usually come later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I'm one of those who saves Walls for last, which ends up making it a major slog fest. I get so impatient that I end up upgrading my TH before the Walls are maxed. I'm about to upgrade to TH13 even though my Walls are level 12 at the moment. Just want that Royal Champion already!
    haha I am the opposite in that I get uncontrollable urges to upgrade my town hall once my walls are maxed! Thatís why I donít keep a builder for walls but do them with season bonuses and other spare loot

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    I keep an elix collector for last
    so I can start and break off the upgrade when needed for seasonal challenges

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    I used to do the cannons, mortars and bomb towers last. Back when I was concerned about war weight, these items seemed to carry more then they probably should have. They are still typically near the end of my upgrades as they only hit ground troops.

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    My upgrade strategy is to not keep my builder free. Upgrade whatever i can
    Defence: always give preference to buildings which attack both air and ground units
    Offence: Upgrade troops which i use more often in war/push/farm

    It also depends on the type of clasher we are [subjective in nature]
    This is my preference Farming>Donation>Push>War

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    Start with offense and storages, then heavy defenses (eagle, infernos, x-bows), then the air defenses and wizard towers. Then whatever has the best DPS increase of the rest. Traps possibly at that point, or interspersed when I need a quick upgrade. Drills/mines are last, at least in my main, or for whenever I need to start multiple upgrades at once and don't have the gold. Try to keep all heroes upgrading at once (except during CWL), upgrade the TH when my heroes are done (which likely means rushing lower defenses/walls).

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    I don't like downloading updates, I trust older versions of something more

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudyAlan View Post
    I don't like downloading updates, I trust older versions of something more
    classic bot stuff or what?

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    I keep walls to the end

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    Mortars are my last building, walls tend to come last overall though.

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