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Thread: Warden guide - is something wrong with my darian, sorry..i mean grandwarden?

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    Warden guide - is something wrong with my darian, sorry..i mean grandwarden?

    My GW never catches up to my bulk of troops, mostly when i use hogminer or air troops. When i use the ability, the main bulk of the troops would have either already out of range of the aura or in the periphery. Is there some particular way to push forward the warden so that he remains just behind the forwarding troops? I have also one question- when the warden moves while his ability is active such that his aura covers a troop which was not covered at the moment of pressing the ability, will that troop still enjoys the aura effect?

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    Itís because of movement speed. Warden is 16 while miners are 32 and hogs 24. Iíve read suggestions about having warden speed increases to prevent this, but that is the root cause of your issue. You havenít done anything wrong.

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    Warden's movement speed is slow and it's a common thing that even I suffer quite a lot of times with Queen-charge Hybrid.

    The common solution to this i do, is I usually send up the warden first then the miners and hogs or the common way to drop warden quickly after miners followed by the hogs.

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    I complained about warden ai right after the changes to his ai but some people think the user is the problem. The last changes have clearly broken him!
    If i use edragloons then he stick with one edragon(and fly to another edragon and back) instead of loons except i place theedragons far away.
    If i use edragon only then he sticks with one edragon and fly to another edragon and back and forth and back and forth.......

    Before the changes happened i was successfully with both attacks in high precentage destruction. After changes edragloon impossible and edragon only i barely reach 60-70%.

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    Today I noticed something odd too.
    In a lavaloon attack I placed warden behind balloons (9 targeted at 3 defenses, I counted from replay) and minions behind him (3 at trash buildings near warden + 2 more a bit far way, also counted from replay), after few seconds warden stalled and went after minions. There is no way 5 minions have more bulk camp space than 9 balloons none of which were dead when warden stopped following them, they were being shot at though. There was a bunch of air skellies going after the minions, was this the cause for warden to go haywire?

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    Mainly movement speed. And usually with Rage or Haste Spell usually, that puts your troops movement speed out of GW reach.

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    Noticed issue with warden movement, he no longer follow bulk troop, he always move away from townhall, single troop what ever dragon, bowler etc running around base love company of warden. Huge change in warden AI .
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    I have noticed the warden seems to have trouble choosing where to go (targeting and retargeting) and often ends up flying with a small group of troops rather than the large one. For my loot raiding I have been doing QC/dragons, using the warden with the dragons. It seems more than half the time when I get a large group of dragons on the TH, the warden is hanging out on the edge of the base tooling along with a couple of dragons that didn't make it into the funnel.

    Of course I have even seen the queen do the target/retarget as well, so I'm unsure if that specific issue is limited to the warden.
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