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Thread: Lvl 203 TH13 Looking for Clan

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    Lvl 203 TH13 Looking for Clan

    Looking for a clan in the US thats chill. Im a younger guy who like sports and likes to chat about whatever. Experienced and know how to attack.

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    I sent you an invite, paradigm is clan name. We are super chill focus mainly on cwl. Check us out if you like. Level 17 clan looking for more players.

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    [Looking for TH13s/MERGER, we have 8 spaces maybe more] Lv17 | Masters 2 CWL 30v30

    Invite sent
    Clan name - DA Boat Racers
    Clan tag - #QYOO89UP
    Clan level - 17
    Clan war league - Masters league 2 (30v30)
    Clan games - Max x2
    War frequency - Back to back
    War log - Open
    Location - UK/US/International
    Language - English speaking

    Adult clan/Competitive/Friendly/Here to have fun

    TH13 not rushed/not engineered (TH12 minis acceptable)
    War leagues are compulsory
    Clan wars are optional
    Do your best in clan games
    Try donate the same amount you request

    Have a question?
    Ask in-game or on discord

    Apply to the clan now, stating 'From forum'

    Clan games - Max x2

    More screenshots

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    Catfish, i dropped you an invite to both our clans but the links are also in my sig line. Go to 2 is more adults and the chat quieter. Back to 1 is more active and younger. There is movement between the two at your level. We just started Back to 1 last month as our old feeder leader went MIA on us and thats why the clan level is low.

    either good luck.

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    💀Skull Brawlers 💀| #LQJO2282 | We Brawl For Stars!!

    Tap Or Click Here For More
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    METALLIC RAIN #9Y2R9LR | Lvl 19 | War Clan | Have discord server | TH11 to TH13 | learn from us | 3 star attackers | must willing to use discord |

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    Sent you a friend request, if you're still looking, look us up.

    Lords of Othrys #YYLR2CGR level 12 clan Crystal 3 CWL
    USA based with international members

    Non stop war and CWL
    Max donations and games

    Our few, simple rules
    If you're in war have all heroes and spell factories available and take both your attacks. Attack who you're asked.
    Help with donations and games.
    Mandatory discord for easier communication. Don't have to be active on it, we just need a way to get ahold of you to let you know you're up in war.

    Other than that, play how you want. Its pretty laid back. No stress over 3 stars or perfect attacks(2 stars are nice though). Just try is all we ask.

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    Hi - UK based, English speaking adult clan. Level 15, a space in CWL currently available too. Check us out.... #JGUPYL8L

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    Somewhere in USA
    Ham Masters level 21 #PYRRJ2V Adult War Clan. We play casually but take war serious through planning out war attack and know how to attack instead of spray and pray. Failure is acceptable. No pressure to 3*. No drama. Very relaxed and friendly with the option to opt in or out as needed. Say Mu0i sent you in request to join. No app to download but you can join the family discord to hang out or ask question

    WichitA (Level 21) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    Hi, we are a growing clan, currently level 5 in Crystal 3. Our chill clan is friendly and clean chat. We war back to back and participate in clan games and CWL. CWL roster ranges TH9-13 and we are currently recruiting more TH12 and 13 players to push higher in CWL. If this sounds like something you are looking for, please check out our clan Psalms (#QQJJ2CJ2).

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