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Thread: TH10 mass Dragon attack strategy

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    TH10 mass Dragon attack strategy

    Hey clashers! I have come after with a new strategy for all the TH10 mass Dragon attackers. Since the lvl 8 Air Defense can no longer be destroyed with 3 lvl 7 Lightning spells... Well I have the solution for it so you don't have to use 4 spells to break one! After using 3 lvl 7 Lightning spells, the AD is left with 10 HP only which you can bring down by a single hit from any lvl Lava Hound(if it makes it's way upto those)!!😃So you can include one or two Lava Hounds in your army instead of spells to destroy those ADs.

    Hope you like my strategy.

    Clash on!

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    That sounds decent , i used to destroy 1 AD with 1 max lightning with cc and rest 2 using 8 lightnibg spells and 1 freeze.
    Now i would be trying this thing.

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