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Thread: SCID 2.0 - some ideas - personal annotations or status

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    SCID 2.0 - some ideas - personal annotations or status

    I like the new SCID - whereby you can set an emoji and color. When you have multiple accounts, keeping track of which is the next most urgent one, is tricky. Typically I have a file to maintain that - but thats not useful when I am away from my desktop.

    Now, these ideas are almost "QOL" ideas - which I would put in the ideas sub-forum, but, at the same time, they are not well thought out. So I thought it worth starting a thread to attract ideas.

    When you have multiple accounts, different things become important to you:

    • am i close to being able to upgrade a hero?
    • how is my clan games timer going - am i about to run out?
    • which base has 1 or more builders free, or coming free?
    • how many resources do i have (gold/elix/dark)?
    • "n out of m" for current rewards games

    I'm using color codes for some of the above - eg everything is a green-chicken, but i make the color orange, when within range of an upgrade; or I use purple, to indicate "need attention" (such as 4/5 on the clan games Wallbreaker).

    I doubt SCID will ever be extended to have more details. Gold/elix/dark, isnt available in the developers API - not sure why. Of course, the amount you have varies quickly, over time. But, even a saved version of g/e/d and maybe an extrapolation (interpolation) would be helpful.

    Another idea is to simply allow annotations or flags on the clan status screen - ability to highlight items with personal notes.

    I do have a script which collects my towns details, so I can keep track of the next hero upgrade. I havent bothered to make it graphical. And it cant do those things not exposed by the API. (And, a shame to use another computer, instead of just clash).

    24 K20 Q67 G32 C5 BM30 154XP 4213T | 0/270
    23 K20 Q70 G35 C6 BM30 156XP 4071T | 0/292
    22 K19 Q67 G31 C5 BM30 155XP 4117T | 0/270
    21 K20 Q70 G30 C5 BM30 157XP 4181T | 0/292
    20 K20 Q70 G34 C6 BM30 158XP 4094T | 0/292

    Thats a small sample of my script, telling me where I am. (The "0/nnn" tells me how much dark I need, but I havent
    annotated how much I actually have, unless its the right time of the month [eg approaching month end])

    One can dream, and interested if/how others solve this problem

    (If anyone is interested in the script, I can put it up in github).

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    I have made a very similar script to yours to keep track of my 20+ accounts. I also lead 6 clans so I mainly use my script to check in what clan I placed what profiles as I jump around to donate sneaky goblins etc...

    I also enjoy the ability to change background colour on your avatar, I use to that to indicate which profile needs focus like you do.

    I agree it is a shame that the API does not provide more data. I would very much like to be able to see what buildings a profile has and at what level they are. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of that.
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    SC is more than just CoC so you'd have to code this across multiple games. Then what if people are playing multiple SC games, times the types of information you want to color code, it becomes very complex to try and discern the information from the SC ID selection screen when switching accounts.

    That said, could there be a way to see a snapshot of the various account status? That sure would be nice. I'd settle just for push notifications for any village I have SC linked to my phone, not just the one I last logged in with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NattensNinjaerJakob View Post
    I also lead 6 clans so I mainly use my script to check in what clan I placed what profiles as I jump around to donate sneaky goblins etc...
    I can understand having a large number of accounts(have quite a few myself), but 6 clans??? How do you manage that, lol? Usually, different clans in the same family are led by different leaders.
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