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Thread: Me and friend need a new clan: 3 accounts total

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    Me and friend need a new clan: 3 accounts total

    Hello, My clan is dying because most of our fellow clan mates from india have a huge test and are inactive and have been for a month. I don't speak Hindi btw. My clash friend who has followed me in a new clan which is the dying clan also is willing to join me. My base is a TH 10 that is nearly maxed out. And my friend has 2 accounts. 1 of them is at Townhall 11 and the other is in Townhall 12. We are both strong enough for clan games and clan wars. we always reach 4000 clan points. 12,000 clan points in total. We both donate, especially my friend who donates e drags all the time. I'm looking for around a level 9 clan because that was the level clan in my dying clan, but the clan level does not matter, as long as the clan can reach at least 50,000 clan game points. I am talkative, and i'm in builder hall 9

    Mine: #9L2UJR098
    Friend's Main:#GCQVLYPP
    Friend's second:#YC8QQJ80J
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    Hi, if you are interested in a clan that's friendly and clean chat, please check out our clan Psalms (#QQJJ2CJ2). We do back to back war and participate in clan games and CWL. We are a more laid-back clan, that means no stressful war attacks and endless time spending on discord for war planning. War is optional in the clan. CWL roster ranges from TH9-13. If you have any question about the clan, feel free to message me.

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    Okay I will discuss to my friend if he agrees to move to this clan. Looking forward to seeing you guys. I hope someone doesn't random kick me :' (

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    Looking for active and passionate clashers.

    Started rebuilding the clan yesterday. Hoping to make it home of good players.

    We are in gold in CWL and will be warring back to back.

    3 starring a base isn't mandatory but you should be a eager learner.
    Rushed bases are welcome, if they're willing to stop rushing and fixing it.

    Come join us, here's the link

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    We are in need of help.
    We are a level 12 Clan. We've been quite inactive lately.

    The leader's taking a break. He'll come back soon enough.

    We need some good members (active ones) to make the clan active again. If you want a home, this is the right place. If you're talkative, we'll love you. If you're good at wars, you will be respected. If not, we can all learn together.

    So come on in fam. What are you waiting for?

    Clan Name: Rustic Nails
    Clan Tag: #LGPRVCYR.

    If you have any problem joining, please inform me.

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    Join us here matey wed be glad to take all of you #2P8Y88CPQ

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    TollyMore Irons

    The link about will take you to the clan hurry almost full

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    I would love to have 3 new clan mates as Im a new clan we can have 5 people wars daily! Brutal Legends is the name lets do this!

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    We are one clan in two places!
    All three are welcome
    Say youre from the forums

    Glide Clash
    Open via invite only TH6+ (Preferred TH10+)
    CWL for TH10+
    Join here for Clan Games
    We max our Clan Games & do Clan wars at least once or twice a week.

    Open via invite only TH6+
    CWL for TH6-9
    Here in HiTCLAN we cater to newer players as well as lower level Town Halls & do Clan wars at least once a week.

    Were active in both clans, international & English speaking. Were also on Discord, although its not required.

    Come, join us!

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