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Thread: Have Duck Fountain, Will Travel

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    Have Duck Fountain, Will Travel

    US Eastern Time Zone player with a single farm level 170-something, looking for a new neighborhood. I have Champion's league experience and am fine with most sorts of derby most weeks, but may want to opt out sometimes.

    MUST/Looking For...
    • Apolitical. (For Religion and Politics chat, I go elsewhere. Discussion of HayDay's internal economics like supply and demand curves is geeky but generally fine.)
    • English Language Chat
    • Neighbors who choose to may opt-out of derby without having to leave
    • Completion of ALL FREE tasks is the norm for all opted-in players; completion of the pay-diamonds task is OPTIONAL

    • Champions league
    • International -- active players spread across multiple global time zones


    • ...require use of outside chat tools. (I rarely use Facebook; I don't use Discord, Kick, Instagram, or most other such tools.)
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