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Thread: Saved so much $$ in last 2 months

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    Saved so much $$ in last 2 months

    Initially I was very upset over the fact that we didn’t get a Halloween skin in October for the Queen or Warden. But now with the continued “pirate skin and scenery” skins I have been able to save money over the past 2 months on gold passes! I wonder whether or not we will have a “Jolly” queen or warden skin in December or if we will get another completely irrelevant skin!?!?

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    Congrats? Don't spend it all in one place. I like the pirate set. Not sure I'll turn on the king though. The champion skin rocks.
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    If there is a jolly queen skin available to buy, I will buy it in a heart beat.
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    I buy the pass every month. Don’t even care about the skin. It’s just an added bonus.

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    Do to certain circumstances, you know... So, I haven't bought a gold pass in a couple months but if they ever do a clockwork Royal champion skin, I guess I'll be short on some sort of bill...

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    People wear pirate costumes during Halloween ,skeleton skins means Halloween is wrong assumption
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    I buy the pass every month. Don’t even care about the skin. It’s just an added bonus.

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    Congrats OP.. If it werent for the lockdown you could hit the town with that $10..
    Granted, you would have to walk there, otherwise you wouldnt be able to afford a drink.
    And after two pints, you would have to walk home as no money left for taxi fare.

    Puts the cost of GP into context I guess..
    So either buy it or dont.. But its price gives amazing value for those that are progressing their account.
    I have every GP skin, but my heroes are wearing their original.. They are the least of my priorities when spending my money.
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    Even I haven't got the pass from the past 3 months when the first pirate skin was introduced. While pirate skins are definitely interesting and worth, but though I'm almost maxed out and buying the pass additionally wouldn't help.

    Though, I'll definitely try and get the December skin which could be probably a jolly queen following the pirate king.
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    Isn't Jolly skin equally 'irrelevant' to December as Pirate skin is to Halloween?

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