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    OK, thanks for clarifying.

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    Yes.... added languages, it would be like the in game flags... everyone would want theirs added.

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    I am personally happy with everything
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansimon View Post
    Yes.... added languages, it would be like the in game flags... everyone would want theirs added.
    Well, not all languages. Some are so bizarre that even Google is unable to translate, like "Bostonian" or "Cockney".

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    I always glad to see Russian Language, but usually need to choose English for fine sens

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    google translate is the answer.

    they say in the rules that you can create groups with whatever language you want, but forum rules still apply(no swearing or abuse)

    if the forums had multiple languages, we would need more mods who speak multiple languages to catch abuse in other languages. also, your question would be less likely to be answered because of all the languages flying around.

    like ajax said, it would never work. it would be extremely chaotic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen11 View Post
    By making it English, they are giving opportunity to a far wider audience to become a contribution but since they are Finnish company, they should also have a Finnish version as well.
    Do you think there are enough Finnish speaking players who don’t speak English to make it worth the problems that would cause here? I don’t.

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