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Thread: Looking for CASUAL/RELAXED/NON-DERBY focused neighborhood

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    Looking for CASUAL/RELAXED/NON-DERBY focused neighborhood


    I am looking for a neighborhood that is relaxed, wanting to have a good time, and does not freak out if not all derby tasks are completed. I am an active player and will compete in the derby when I can; however, I have a newborn and life can and will get in the way, and I need to be part of a neighborhood that understands that.

    I do not buy diamonds, so I will not be able to complete a diamond task unless I have extra diamonds and it makes sense to do so. I am an adult (in my early 30s if that matters) and I live in Southern California.

    Please contact me if you are interested in having me in your neighborhood.

    Tag: #GR0U0CC9 (farm name is kitkatbar6311)
    Farm Level: 73
    Kik: kitkatbar6311
    Discord: kitkatbar6311

    Thank you for your consideration!
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    I just started a derby casual hood. Its 22 members at the moment levels 66-17. We are in novice league (started this hood last week) but will be moving up this week. We have a discord that is with our main hood ( a derby competitive hood ) so our discord is active with tons of people to help. Let me know if you are interested. No extra task required. If life gets in the way feel free to opt out. Our main hoods farms will be coming to this hood if they plan on opting out of derby. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Hi kitkat, in case you are still looking for a hood, our neighborhood Myrtle Glen welcomes non-derby farmers. Details in our recruitment ad:
    if interested, please PM me :-)
    Happily Farming in Myrtle Glen, come join us :-)
    **..* Eturtle's Farm (#VVCGQJGJ) 182, Town 56 `*`..**

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    If you are still looking for a home, we are escaping a Dead Neighborhood come join us in our Escape
    Farm Frenzy tag #L0888QQ9
    We are 3 long time players escaping a near dead neighborhood. We like to derby, help, and work our town, farm and boat. We are helpful, friendly, a little bit competitive and active. We would ask that if you are in the derby that you communicate your needs so that you can accomplish your goals. We will help you. Stop by

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