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Thread: Same old same old stuff

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    create more minis , i am still happy with what we have in clash
    lot of new content to make you play clash
    i just created 10 more accounts and rushing them just for fun
    be innovative work on minis or push on main , learn strats ,

    if you dont have time then take rest till clash release next content.

    Quote Originally Posted by nerrad2 View Post
    Ok folks this is getting a little boring now, after 7 years of playing this game, its been the same upgrade defence strat v upgrade attack troops strat for supercell, my main account is max again i have 2 mini accounts that dont have the energy anymore to continue, my question is what can supercell do to make this game great again for us older players to continue And for new players to join?

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    Take a break ands come break, It's ok to get burnt in video games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dailys View Post
    Take a break ands come break, It's ok to get burnt in video games.
    Good advice. Taking a break and playing other games. Then check back in a few years. I think CoC will be still here because many of us are still playing and encouraging Team CoC to continue development.

    In the meantime, good luck OP with finding something else to entertain you. May I suggest Hay Day, a great resource management game developed by Supercell?
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    Someone wise once told me in chat one day, it’s all about the journey. To which I heartily agreed, we are all rushing as fast as we can to get to MAX everything but we don’t really want to be there.

    to those of you who are there, the max-everything world, like OP, does it feel very different? I imagine after that it switches from a grind game to a chess game of strategy and fine-tuned practice.

    In short, I’m satisfied and am not asking for major game changes

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