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Thread: Looking for war Clan. ID - 99CYQ20LP (TH12)

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    Smile Looking for war Clan. ID - 99CYQ20LP (TH12)

    Hi all, this is Mohan. I am looking for war clan. I have been playing this game for more years and I am interested to be in good war clan. My village is at TM12 with good lvl of heroes and troops. Kindly invite me.

    My clash of clan ID - 99CYQ20LP

    Clan language - English (must)

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    [RECRUITING] Lethal Freedom (#28VJ0CC00)| ACTIVE WAR CLAN

    Hey! Welcome to Lethal Freedom! We're an active war clan looking for members to help us build and grow We war non-stop and actively participate in clan games.

    What you will gain from being in the clan:
    1) The correct troops donated to you whenever you need them.
    2) Have the opportunity to be in an active chat with members from all around the world.
    3) Great conversations with other players to get to know them better. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!
    4) Being a part of our growing family. We created this clan so that we can have a family who supports one another and helps us grow. We are always welcoming new members and would love for you to join us!

    •Must be TH9 and above
    •Finish the war in your previous clan. No players with war timers will be accepted
    •Must speak English, it just makes communication easier!
    •Must be active and non-rushed.
    •Members can be any age. We accept kids and adults.
    •Must be an active with donations
    •Any player from any country is welcome!

    •Donating is a must for all members
    •It is strongly encouraged that members be active in the clan chat, but not required.
    •Members must make both war attacks, and always follow the war strategy.
    •Only opt out of war when heroes are down or for personal reasons.
    •Always read your clan mail! This is where important messages are sent out and the war strategy is given.
    •Be respectful to other members and respect all troop requests.
    •No clan hopping is allowed. We need loyal, active members who are here to stay.
    • friendly, active, and mature.

    How can I become elder or co-leader?

    •How to become elder:
    1) Be active on the game and in the chat.
    2) Must be in the clan for at least a month.
    3) Participate in war, make all war attacks, and follow the war strategy.
    4) Participate in clan games.
    5) Donate. Donate. Donate.

    We also have a feeder clan for the lower TH levels 3-8 or for your alts should you have any
    We have 4 other clans that we work along side with for troop donations and joint wars

    How can I apply?
    •You may apply to join our clan on the game by searching for our clan tag #28VJOCCOO.
    for the feeder clan search clan tag #2P8UCJRGG
    •You can also pm me, tell me a little bit about yourself, and I can invite you.

    We hope to see you soon!

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    ProximA Centauri B

    We are a Champions league 3 clan, we do CWL from 3 clans... Top 15 (Near Max th13) do CWL in champs league. [Once you attain top 15, you join Champions league]

    Nxt top 15 (New th13/all th12) do cwl in master 3.
    Rest of accounts do CWL in Crystal league 3.

    We have donation ids and many regularly donate. Very fast in completing the clan games. English speaking, Indian clan.. If interested, then let me know...

    PS, send you invite to check us out
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    💀Skull Brawlers 💀| #LQJO2282 | We Brawl For Stars!!

    Tap Or Click Here For More
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    We've a vision for our clan. In the future we'll be participating in tournaments, then go after bigger goals.
    We are 2 months old, level 6, active clan with a war record (30W,3L).
    Clan games etc are max of course. Most of us are adults and we war back to back. We go 40v40.

    If you're an active and competitive player, you're welcome to be a part of our journey.
    Thanks 🙂

    Clan name- Adam's children

    Tag- #2YQPJGV2U



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    Hii there...
    I think you are the kind of player that our clan needs...

    The clan name is "ECSTATIC" and the tag is "2YG9PQOVV"...

    We are currently in Gold league 3 and we are hoping to go to Gold league 2...
    The clan leader is a TH 10 player with level 106 experience...

    Our clan need players who have Seige Machines...

    Hope we can build a Mutual relationship...
    Thank you and Dont forget to Clash On

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    If you are actively playing clash of clans and searching for a clan,we would like to see you among us in our 14 level clan..


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    Metallic Rain | Lvl 19 war clan, relax clan , seeking people who love wars. Few players with many accounts. Dm me if interested

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    Check out Reckoned Rebel (#2RGJVVJU). We are a level 18 clan that loves war (however it is optional), clan games, and CWL. We are in champ 3 for CWL and always max clan games. Recently, we joined an alliance called PnP. We are looking for non-rushed TH12’s and up and you fit the bill! If you’re interested, join our Discord server or message me. The link is
    IGN: Coltssuperfan17 (lv155, TH10), Count deMoney (lv129, TH10)
    I reside in Reckoned Rebel and Wreck'ned Rebel. Check out RR! Check out WR!

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    METALLIC RAIN #9Y2R9LR | Lvl 19 | War Clan | Have discord server | TH11 to TH13 | learn from us | 3 star attackers | must willing to use discord |

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