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    Quote Originally Posted by rusherford View Post
    That is not what a frustrated hero does it wont affect battle because Easter egg. it makes frustrated noise. And im sure that people like me will stop playing because all you do is clash, eat, sleep.
    Speaking for myself, when I have free time to entertain myself, I also farm on Hay Day and storm beaches on Boom Beach. I also watch TV and read fiction and history for pleasure. Then I go outside for long walks and inhale some fresh air and listen to the birds sing while wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

    Now I'm planning the menu for Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family of four.
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    Clash used to have a few easter eggs, mainly in the goblin maps. Unfortunately, most of them have been removed in recent updates. For example there used to be an easter in a specific goblin map, that i forgot the name of, where if you place a jump spell in a certain part of the map ,a santa spell would be activated , causing Santa's sleigh to fly over and drop presents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rusherford View Post
    SC we need easter eggs on your games to keep the players entertained. An Easter egg I thought of was that if you tap a hero more then 10 times then the hero will be frustrated. Another One I was thinking was a goblin appearing randomly in the forest.
    While there is no actual reason to not have them (apart from coding effort that could better be spent on actual game play), there is absolutely no way we "need" them.

    If the game is not keeping you entertained, then don't play it. If you are not entertained enough by it without eatsre eggs, then adding them certainly won't be enough to make the difference, as the whole point of easter eggs is that they are something trivial, put there generally for the amusement of the developers (not the players, though some do get a bit of amusement from them).

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    I really can't understand what the Easter eggs will do where it will be found , what tapping and frustrating a hero does and what's the goblins doing in your base????

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    For at least 0.001 percent increase of fun

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    Thatís why it would be an Easter egg, nothing really valuable to the game, just something small that makes it feel more alive and unique.

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