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Thread: Level 42 Casual Derby Player. Looking for a neighbourhood.

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    Level 42 Active Derby Player. Looking for a neighbourhood.


    I am at Level 42, play for a few times a day, maybe more on weekends. Love completing truck orders and town orders. Occasionally, may complete boat orders. I enjoy playing the derby casually and am looking for an active neighbourhood that plays the derby casually as well.
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    Hi! Are you still looking for a neighborhood? If so, join ‘Red Canyon Ranch’!
    Tag: #L02QJYVQ
    300+ point tasks required, and 5 task minimum. Derby not mandatory, so please opt out if busy! Join us for our first derby on Tuesday!
    Other housekeeping things:
    - Birdhouse is only used for requesting non expansion materials ( just regular production items and crops only)!
    - Your RSS is your RSS! Post whatever you want!

    Hope to see you soon!
    Please don’t hesitate to pm me with any questions!

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    Our main hood is full! So we are trying something different! We designed this hood with the casual derby player in mind. This hood is brand new so starting out in rookie league. No need to pay for the 10th task. All we ask is that you be active! We have one common discord server so if you need help with town or trucks or boats you can feel free to reach out here! If you find you want to be more competitive we can move you up to the main hood! Do you have a baby farm looking for a home? Bring it here!

    Level 10-infinity. 😂😂😂
    No outside trading- on Facebook or discord.
    Mandatory discord.
    Be active!
    Be helpful!

    Are you a new player just starting out and want to learn how to effectively play the game? Come join us! We have our baby farms in here so we can help you grow and learn!
    We will have our opted out players in here so some weeks you will even have level 100+ in this hood to help and guide you along your hay day journey. We currently have levels 62-17. If you are interested comment below!

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