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Thread: Looking for a clan that wants to climb CWL

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    We are one clan in two places!

    Glide Clash
    Open via invite only TH6+ (Preferred TH10+)
    CWL for TH10+
    We max our Clan Games & do Clan wars at least once or twice a week.

    Open via invite only TH6+
    CWL for TH6-9
    Here in HiTCLAN we cater to newer players as well as lower level Town Halls & do Clan wars at least once a week.

    Were active in both clans, international & English speaking. Were also on Discord, although its not required.

    Come, join us!

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    Join our clan of Master 2nd with a decent number of max th13s

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    💀Skull Brawlers 💀| #LQJO2282 | We Brawl For Stars!!

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