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Thread: Puzzle Boat Event

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    Puzzle Boat Event

    I finally completed a boat request around 5:30 AM ET. I quickly completed the next boat which arrived around 9:30 AM ET. I was disappointed to see the next boat won’t have a puzzle piece as a reward. I don’t remember this happening before. Does it now take eight hours for an “event boat” to arrive at our farms?

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    Are you close to finishing the Sanctuary completely ? Often when players are within 2-9 puzzle pieces of being complete, the puzzle boats stop coming (it has something to do with the derby horseshoes each being a potential puzzle reward even though we all know only 2 are max there and somehow they have never fixed this glitch).

    if this is the case simply screen shot your completed boats up to 5 and send to support and they will send Alfred with your pieces

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    Thanks for your response. I cannot complete five boats unless I spend diamonds to expedite the arrival of the boats. I’m not going to do that as I’m very selective as to how I spend my diamonds. There will be three puzzle pieces as rewards of the Derby. One stack of rewards includes a puzzle piece and an Expansion Permit so I’ll choose the Expansion Permit from that stack. I expected the puzzle boat event to complete the last baby zebra and to choose other rewards from the Derby. I should be able to decide if and how I complete the last baby zebra, not Supercell.

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    I finished my last three today. I think what made it work, glitch free, is that I’m NOT in the derby, and it’s not a valley season. All three in a row, starting with my first boat this morning.

    Done!! That is, until team HD decides to throw more in. Which I hope NOT.

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    Thank goodness I found this thread - thought I was going mad! 2 boats completed and no puzzle pieces. I need 9 more. What a waste of my time completing as I rarely do boats but thought I’d make a push to complete my sanctuary. If I HAD known to screenshot my boats how would SC know I’d done those within the times of the event to give me back my missing pieces? What a swizzle. Feel really miffed about this and zero point contacting support as you never get a proper considered response. The game seems more and more geared towards money, money, money and very little about sorting out issues for players. Rant over!
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    I contacted Hay Day and was given two puzzle pieces for the two boats I completed.

    Sometimes when I contact Hay Day, the suggest I visit this forum. This time, they said it was good I contacted them.

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