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Thread: New th12 looking master 3 clan fully maxed out th11

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    New th12 looking master 3 clan fully maxed out th11

    Invite me fully maxed th11 a strong war player active donator and etc new to th12

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    2YURUJUC COC United | TH5+ | New clan | Farming/War clan

    What we are looking for:
    * Active members
    * Good at war
    * Mature members
    * Donate to standards
    * Talkative and friendly in clan
    * Members who attack twice in war EVERY time
    * Positive and experienced players who are always willing to give advice and help

    Rules of COC United

    * Attack TWICE in war
    * Donate : received should be 50:50
    * English speaking only
    * No arguing between clan mates
    * Donate the correct troops
    * Donít ask for promotion (IT IS EARNED)
    * Be mature
    * Know how to play
    * If you donít want to be in war turn your war preference to no

    Soooooo... what are you waiting for join us !!

    Link to JOIN - COC United

    Hashtag of clan - #2YURUJUC

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    Not going to type an essay
    We are lvl 6 clan,gold2,active in donations if u are interested join us here is link for it

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