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    Lightbulb Private Chat

    Before you go on about how this implementation would create more work than it is worth, hear me out. Each and every day, there are members who join clans at random; since global has been removed. Treating chat in those clans as places to spam in other languages that are not familiar, to harass those of the opposite sex, to "sext" or type sexual messages in the open/private clans, etc. Even if it were not for the purpose of probability, it would be great to be able to chat without having to leave your clan (privately) and even leave messages (if the chat was left open; more on that below).

    This button could be added to the list of buttons that show when clicking on a players icon in chat; may also be listed on the list of buttons in the friends list. For the purpose of being spammed or having unwanted players texting you, this feature could cost some amount of gold. Much like when creating a clan. However, if both parties wish to agree, they should both have to pay to use it. Back to the agreeing part. Much like receiving invites in the inbox/mail, these should show up with the: Player Name, of course a way to check their whole account; stats, etc, and maybe a header that should be specified for why they are requesting to chat. It could be anything from "Hey" to "Question" or anything the user would like to write to get the viewers attention.

    I think we can all agree that the removal of global has prompted us to resort to using other methods to chat. Yes, this is Clash of Clans. But, it is also a community of players who are not getting to know each other prior to joining or while they are in the clan. Not to mention having to discuss about other Co-Leaders with the Leader in private. As I mentioned above, many players who want to leave their clans; especially Leaders themselves would love the opportunity to chat with these people. Think of the people who are only allowed to play games and not have social media. Not saying that I am one of them or that I am trying to go behind their parents backs. However, during this time of isolation, without that option of being able to talk freely, many players may end up quitting. Not only would this slow or stop that but it would also add another feature to the inbox that we just use for attacks, defenses and to see if you have mail or were kicked.

    These chats would be listed and accessible repeatedly through the inbox for convenience. It could include an "End Conversation" button for when the two people are done talking; of course allow the report button to be listed or at least keep it accessible if you click on the other persons name. In the case that they try to: scam, as for personal info, sext, harass, ect. However, the price of the chat alone keeps people from talking to people they don't want to, keeps people from spamming multiple people and makes both players work up to the goal of talking. Even if it was a timed chat. May it be a timer, a couple of hours, a day or a chat that can be ended at any time, or even a chat that ends but allows the players to pay more to continue, it would give incentives to talk.

    Most clans just want to know if you are useful. Many are not made for the purpose of talking like global or want the chat to be clean; in terms of donation clans, war preparations, etc. Also, there could be a limited amount of chats in the inbox. Such as 1-5 maybe. Depending on how long they can remain accessible. In the case of being kicked, having people send clan mails, etc, these chats would either remain at the top of the mail or in another section of the inbox. For example, my inbox currently has 20 messages in it. Ranging from reports, clan mail and kick messages. Is 1-5 really that much that it would keep you from seeing these valuable messages? I mean, granted some people send a lot of mails and such but it could be argued that those old ones are no longer needed. It could be more or less gold for both players to agree to chat. Maybe consider making it 20,000 since both have to agree.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    As this is an idea or feature for addition to the game it should normally be posted in the Ideas and Feature Requests subforum.

    However, when you go to that forum please read the stickies at the top of the page. If you do that, you will see that this is a ruled out idea.
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    Private chat is a ruled out idea, for all the same reasons that they removed global chat. It's not happening.
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    read these 3 points:

    1: this just opens a channel to cyber bullying.

    2: you posted while in full knowledge that this was ruled out idea

    3: you mentioned ¨other ways¨ of chatting. im curious as to what they are.

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