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Thread: Clan troop information

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    Quote Originally Posted by drekdx View Post
    It is not that easy to tell someone to leave the clan if they are of the same rank as yours. Again, sometimes it might be hard to leave a clan when you have been there for quite a long time. For example I am one of this camp.

    And it might be a clan issue seemingly but here, SC can prevent it beforehand.
    I understand your points. I was talking about telling those pestering people to wait for those super troops requests to be filled, especially when you're the only person that can donate them.

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    Super troop clan member indicator

    Nothing worse than requesting a super troop in your CC then waiting hours for it to be filled.

    I see other threads on this forum suggesting 1 gem donations for super troops but i think a simple indication on a clan mates profile showing which super troop they have active if any.

    At least then you stand half a chance of you CC request being filled.

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    It seems like this is being discussed every day:

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    Dude, every tools human made can be used for good or bad things. If you (generic you) can only see the bad things, then might as well we (as in human) don't ever create something, lol.

    Agree with those forumer that said, if you think/feep your clan members "pestering" you, then either you or them are in the wrong clan.
    Wait, you can't kick them? Ah... So much for being co-leader...

    Edit: *feel
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