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Thread: New Pink Elixir Spell

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    Lightbulb New Pink Elixir Spell

    Fire SHower: Shower Fire in 7tiles diameter(for CC troops and Heroes only)
    Space : 3
    DPS : 100
    Duration : 1 Minute

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    Wait a spell to last 1 minute? Doing damage to enemy cc and heroes? What hero or cc can survive 1 full minute of 100 DPS? Way too OP

    This sounds like an alternate poison spell doing more damage and less slowing, but 1 minute is waaaaay too long
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    Seems redundant to the Poision Spell, which only occupies 1 space.

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    I don't know what your given title has to do with the idea you are suggesting. I thought it was resource issues.

    For your idea I agree with the above replies to your post. The poison spell and your fire shower looks much of a muchness but being told in a different way.

    And a timescale of 1 minute won't be good fit here imo. Now that's one-third of the total battle time.
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    It is super poison spell lol😂

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