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Thread: Looking for a clan to play !!!

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    Looking for a clan to play !!!

    Hey there! I am looking for a clan to learn the advanced tactics of the game. I am a newbie and want to learn and have some fun in CoC.

    Shortly about my gaming acc.

    - town hall 7 (full)
    - love to donate
    - hero: BK5 LVL

    waiting for your offers!!

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    Hello we are a brand new req and go clan and we need staff our tag is #2YO8GCPJ8. You can learn more about coc by joining us See you soon.
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    Glide Clash
    CWL for TH10+
    (Currently open via invite only)
    Open to the public during the week of Clan Games & via invite only the rest of the month, TH10+ during the week of CWL & TH6+ the rest of the month.
    We max our Clan Games, do Clan wars at least once or twice a week. We’re active, international & English speaking.

    Also, we regularly share attack strategies in game & several of are players are pretty experienced & can give feed back & answer questions. I’m mostly recruiting TH10+ for CWL right now but also am looking for active members who’re just looking to grow and enjoy the game. I remember back when I was TH7 that was a lot of fun. You’ll be welcome here assuming you’re not rushed badly. Just say you’re from the forums or pm me your ID and I’ll invite you directly 👍🏻

    Come, join us!

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