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Thread: Mystery Bunny Derby Glitch or Feature?

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    Mystery Bunny Derby Glitch or Feature?

    If it is a feature, I do not like it.

    I am being awarded 320 points for a Mystery Derby task. This is how it has happened:

    1st task: Mystery checked out during Bunny time - fishing for 400 points. When I was ready to complete, I had great luck - it was bunny time again. I completed the fishing task and was able to check out another (2nd) Mystery task during Bunny time. This time it was a spa task for only 320 points. I did not notice at this time that it was for less points.

    3rd task: Mystery task checked out during bunny time - mine for 400 points. I completed it right away and checked out another (4th) Mystery task during bunny time. This time it is a picnic task for only 320 points. This time I noticed the 320 points and then checked my cumulative total for the previous 3 tasks - 1120 instead 0f 400. That is when I realized my previous task was also 320 points.

    Yes, I did check out Mystery tasks. I do not like either of those tasks and would not have chosen them.

    The bonus for taking a Mystery task is supposed to be that you get 400 points for taking a risk instead of checking out something you want to do for a max of 320.

    Is anyone experiencng this?

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    You scared me! I thought I maybe some of my mystery tasks were not 400 pts so I quickly checked...phew! They are all 400 pts. Sorry you are experiencing this glitch. You should eport it with screenshot to the in-game Help & Support. Good luck!

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    never heard or seen this happening so take a screen and ask support whats up

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