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    Lightbulb All Achievements Award

    First I want to say this is a great game and I play every day. I wanted to suggest a reward for players who have completed all achievements. As I scroll through top players as well as top clans I have yet to see someone who has completed all the achievements as it is very difficult to do so. I'm almost there with only one star away, I still have to destroy about 1000 scattershots in raids. It's taken me a long time to get the stats I have and it would be nice to reward members of the game who have made this achievement. If this hasn't been discussed with the SuperCell development team I think it should be.

    Maybe something in the realm of earning a badge like when Legend League status has been reached. That never goes a way and it is actually something cool to see when the player logs on. Appreciate your time with this recommendation and I hope hope to see something with it in the next update.

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    No, its your choice that you completed achievements, no one forced to do so.
    I don't think anything should be given.

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    A lot of people doubt if they will get to complete UNBREAKABLE someday.

    A badge for it might be pretty but I think it would be something which many won't like. I don't have a problem with it, but there's a question mark over others.

    I won't disagree if it's purely cosmetic. But if it offers anything like advantageous then it's absolutely no.
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    I dont see a problem if SC wished to give recognition for completing all the achievements.
    It may even prompt more folk to become more active in pursuit of that award.

    In my view simply another little trinket to go with all the other little trinkets, but I can see where SC could use it as a further lever, so worst case scenario its nothing lost.
    Thumbs up from me.. Even better if I can trade it for gems.

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    If an all achievement award thing were to be introduced ever then i would like it to be something that adds to profile , like legend league prestige trophies it it would appear on the profile then it would be pretty cool to see , also it would be a pretty rare as completing all achievements is much tougher than reaching to legend league and getting trophies at end of season or having a lot of war stars to make profile look good

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