Hello everybody,

We are looking for ONLY TH13s. Current war log: 544-148-8

We are a very serious clan and looking for good th13s. When you join we will give you some friendly challange to proof your self. We are from all around the world, we speak english in chat (no problem if you talk to a clan member in ur own country language). We are helping each other out with planning. We do motivate each other, so no BULLYS.


✅Maxed out Heroes.
✅Must use Both attacks.
✅Help out in clan games.
✅Donate ratio 1:2.
✅Use ur attack in CWL.
✅Discord or Line.

What we dont tolerate:

❌No use of both attacks.
❌Inactive players
❌Bad donate ratio.
❌Bullying others in the clan

Sister clans: WargsusFarms(#JGQRQGL), WargsusToo(#RYGJLYU) those are not that active but we can make it active again TH12 and lower may join those clans. I recoment joining WargsusFarms