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Thread: BB walls

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    BB walls

    Finally got to have my walls in a position to max them.
    Immediate thoughts...
    What's the point.. for the cost to upgrade them the difference along with most other buildings at lvl9, HP wise is absolutely nothing.
    These should at least follow the trend of gaining at least 10%HP per level.
    I get the new game needs a money sink, but homebase doesn't do this to walls, it only gimps healers and some other toons.
    The benefit should be worth it to some extent.

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    The lava launcher offsets the need for more HP for walls. If the HP was increased then it'd take even longer for troops to break through, all the while they're melting away from the lava launcher if it's positioned strategically.
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    I believe the walls are completely balanced on builder base according to the offence

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