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Thread: 💥Wreck'N'Destory is Recruiting

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    💥Wreck'N'Destory is Recruiting

    Hello Clashers!
    Wreck'N'Destroy is a newly founded clan looking for some skilled players from ANY townhall. Below is requirements

    ------------Tag- #29VC0YCC9--------------
    ------------Clan Level: 1 ------‐------
    ------------ War Record: 0-0-0

    - Currently Recruiting: All Townhalls for now


    -Mature people only!
    -English speaking
    -Must be in the USA, Canada or UK!
    -Use all attacks in war
    -Be active and help out clan mates!

    -Ill admit in the beginning the clan will be slow. But when we get enough players it will be enjoyable. First few people to join will get reasonable promotions for helping to grow the clan.

    To Join: just mention that you saw the post on the forums
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    Daily Bump. We got 3 players looking to gain some more. Come join us!

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    Daily Bump. Still need players come help us out. Promotions for the people to join till we get enough to make it earnable.

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    Daily Bump. Please come help us out. Looming for players to join.

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    Daily Bump

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