Also have to realise that gold weight is really just the loot value an opponent can win by attacking the base in war..
It was observed that the value can be utilised as a tool for engineering purposes.
Probably the reason SC have given no official guidance on gold weighting is because it probably doesnt officially exist as anything other than a loot gain for doing a war raid.

GM did a war weight calculator based around those figures tho, and its the best I ever saw..
Whether or not it was accurate I do not know, but it certainly did them no harm.

Myself, I only use those weights to give folk a visual image of my base..
It is a TH13, so weight watching at that level would be silly in the extreme in my case..
Big base, so big heroes, big army, and big defences..
Anything left out is playing into the oppositions hands and letting ones clan mates down..
Unless you are an engineer in an engineering clan, then its simply one piece of a far larger puzzle.