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    There was a donation request in my clan. The request was 4 max hogs (lvl 10).. i thought i already have lvl8 (my clan has +2 in level) so I went ahead and donated. after that, I noticed that it was only lvl 9..but the system still accepted it. hmmm.. is this a glitch?

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    I don't think this was a glitch. You have lvl 8 hogs and when you donate them they add 2 more levels because of the clan perks.
    Meaning that I have level 4 wizards, but when donated they will add 1+ level (for a level 5 clan up until a level 9 clan) and 2+ levels (for a level 10 clan and above. To put it simpler, if u can see the request for troops and spells then u can donate to it (according to your settings), if those requested troops are not visible then u cannot donate to them.

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